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DISSOCIATES – ‘A Capital Idea’ Album Review

DISSOCIATES – A Capital Idea

DissociatesLondon punk rock powerhouse Dissociates will release their debut album A Capital Idea on 10th November 2017 through Safety Second Records. The 10-track album contains five brand new songs and five tracks from their previous EP – After Hours At The Violet Club.

To celebrate the release of their first full-length album the band have shared a brand-new music video for their new track ‘Useless Wooden Toys’ taken from the forthcoming album (see below). Lyrically the band follow that post-hardcore spirit of taking what they know and taking it to new territories. The continuing decay of their native London is their prime focus – but they also look further afield with a global lens. A Capital Idea is equally as concerned with nuclear waste passing through the local London streets and their studio being sold off to build unaffordable flats, as it is with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in Mexico.

Dissociates state that they are closer to “Fugazi than NoFX” in their current sound and that is borne out on the opening track, Embers with it’s serrated guitars providing churning riffs supporting a terrific vocal. Ionise Islington is where the band sing about the nuclear waste transporting through London and the vocals drip with irony as the musical backing is powerful, somewhat restrained in a Weezer type way – super song!  The aforementioned Useless Wooden Toys is faster, melodic and harkens back to the bands skate-punk roots albeit with a maturity that smacks of a big future. The entire album feels like the discovery of the next big thing and the tumbling power of Delete All is sure to be a live classic encouraging a wild mosh-pit!

Dial House (the home of Penny Rimbaud and HQ of Crass) comes next and the band deal a Wombats style backing to lyrics lamenting the loss of political agitation for a boring middle class life. “She wants to move to Dial House to make a new start…he laughs because she can’t even start a car…” – that is one great lyric!

The melodic guitar lick of Atalanta opens up an indie/rock full of punch and hooks from every direction. The seven-minute plus, Gulf Of Mexico showcases a plaintive guitar, loose snare and a keyboard to create an eerie atmosphere. The song builds and builds before a fast guitar sets the scene for a tumultuous and edgy track kicks into full gear. Dissociates blend Idles, Sleaford Mods and Discharge into one excellent package. Leaving London starts off like the Newtown Neurotics and moves onto to deliver one of the tracks of the 2017.

The penultimate song, Long Player starts with some complex drum patterns, feedback and then a overall package that is actually more NoFx than Fugazi! The album concludes with Radio Galway where the tone is positive, full of fun in a Toy Dolls meets Pennywise type of way.

Check out A Capital Idea, a truly superb album by Dissociates here: http://www.dissociates.co.uk/