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DISTURBANCE – ‘Tox Populi’ Album Review


DisturbanceFormed by elementary school friends in the nineties, Disturbance is a high-energy/low-life punk band from the Netherlands. Their new 15 track album, Tox Populi is released on March 3rd and opens with the strange yet familiar UK82 punk sounds of the title track with spoken word vocals dominating a mid-paced backing. The manically brilliant Exhale The Peroxide is next with its changes of pace from hardcore to Oi! to straight up punk, these folks are different.

Human Or Android matches the group chanted vocals with some of the fastest punk rock you’ll hear this year. Disturbance manage to mine a number of punk rock influences to produce something totally unique. From the Exploited like opening to Youth to the eventual launch into some classic UK82 punk riffs, the drums and bass remain prominent throughout and entice a head-banging frenzy…loved it!

On For You, the lead guitar lays down an engaging lick before the band launch into a mosh-pit frenzy inducing rocker with some significant displays of the tightness of the band throughout as the slower sections juxtapose perfectly with the pacey chorus. The bass guitar remains up front throughout (and that is a good thing) and introduces the Oi! like Anvil Of Hate whereas the excellent drums accompany the bass on the into Commodity Conspiracy with its early Circle Jerks vibe as it simply explodes into view.

The Virus is three and half minutes of punk rock perfection from pounding drums to massive power chords and is an early candidate for track of the year with dueling vocals and spiraling guitars. The album continues to pack punches throughout as the band show that their hard work on the road has paid off with the excellent Disorder sounding like the 4-Skins and No Worries more like the Idles…this band simply rocks!

The Bad Religion-esque My Toxic Friend continues the momentum (and it is true speedfest stuff) whilst The Dark offers up a more mid-paced stomper in the vein of The Wall (remember them?). On Roaches the band return us to that UK82 punk sound although a little more Chron Gen than Discharge. The penultimate track, Spirits manages to coalesce everything the band have displayed so far as it packs a punch, a melody and delivers over four minutes of raucous punk rock.

Closing this stromer of an album with Tox Populi Part II, Disturbance decide to reveal another side to their personality with a track that slowly builds to a crescendo and then fades just as quickly into the distance….it is a very satisfying end to one of my favorite albums of the year so far!

Grab Tox Populi by Disturbance here: http://disturbance.nl/