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(D)JURET – ‘Sok din Sekt’ EP Review

(D)JURET – Sok din Sekt

Djuret(D)juret describe themselves as “a strong community which entered the scene a couple years ago.” The bands main activity is music but they offer much more, like poems, lyrics, politics and art.

The melodic and mellow opening to Mental Vinter flatter to deceive as the track explodes into a pounding and rhythmic track full of power and passion. The band are known for their live act full of imagery to accompany the music.

The band state that their inspiration comes from “…ideas which have been on this planet for thousands of years, and they are here to enlighten you with their wisdom. Maybe you will embrace it. Maybe you will walk away. But one thing is sure, you will not leave untouched…”

On En Gud, a vague Eastern Europe gypsy punk opening leads to a massive riff driven song full of head banging rhythm, hooks and melody a plenty. These folks are heavy and accessible at the same time. They have a crust punk vibe with a great deal of variety packed into each track.

The title track and closer of this EP is nine minutes in length! Sok din Sekt is an epic track that matches the Subhumans on From The Cradle To The Grave with its twists and turns, urgent vocals and sheer consistent punk rock power. Again, there is a elusive reference to Eastern Europe influence as well as a humorous ending with some fairground music and spoken word…good stuff and a good opening to 2018!

(D)juret goal is “…to deliver their knowledge into this world and make you become, one of the few that can see.”

You can listen to (D)juret for yourselves by downloading Sok din Sekt here:




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