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DOC ROTTEN – ‘Sick and Suffering’ EP Review

DOC ROTTEN – Sick and Suffering

Doc RottenDoc Rotten will be releasing their sophomore EP Sick & Suffering on March 29th. Doc Rotten “combines the intelligent edge of The Clash with the rootsy lyricism of Bruce Springsteen.” They’ve been together less than a year but have already managed to bang out a string of high-energy tracks with their debut EP Fallout. They’re a band that walk a line of sweet and snarl and their spirited brand of punk will have you grabbing the “Oh Shit Handle” of your 1989 Ford Fiesta.

The massive bass introduction to Gates had the entire office sit up and take notice. The track develops into a fantastic punk rock effort replete with slower section and group vocals. I loved this one – a punch to the gut.

On Last Chance the band deliver 89 second of brilliant punk with an Oi! edge, Dropkick Murphys vibe and some of the best punk vocals in ages. Doc Rotten are like listening to the Clash but with an Exploited edge.

The third track of the five on this EP is Federation and the band showcase some songwriting chops with a chunky and churning, ‘punch the air’ effort full of twists and turns throughout! The penultimate song is Listen Up, opens with a fast and powerful drumbeat, booming bass and then some excellent punk rock chords leading to an Offspring meets SLF corker of a track! “‘Listen up’ is about being frustrated with someone you’ve had a long term friendship with and then realizing it was a one way relationship,” says vocalist/guitarist Wes Bentley. “They play the victim and don’t realize why people have problems with them.

The title track, Sick And Suffering closes this stunning package with a more mid-paced approach and hook after hook to the solar plexus. The group vocals, guitar work and punchy rhythm section combine to create a singalong punk rock classic.


I loved this one and think you will to. Check out the band on their official website here:

Gran a copy of Sick & Suffering by Doc Rotten here: https://docrotten.bandcamp.com/album/sick-and-suffering