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DOC’N ROLL Film Festival to Feature ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE Movie

DOC’N ROLL Film Festival to Feature ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE Movie

Doc'N RollDoc’n Roll, the UK’s Music Documentary Festival, returns for its fifth London edition with a dazzlingly diverse programme running from 1 to 18 November across ten of the city’s best-loved cinemas.

Doc’n Roll London 2018 will screen 28 music documentaries that spotlight the icons and rebels of Afghanistan, Wales, Ethiopia and Ukraine; tell the stories of the groundbreaking record labels Blue Note and Trojan; map the worlds of grindcore, blues, Detroit techno, “she-punks” and Kirtan mantras; and go behind the scenes with artists including Silvana, Sepultura, the Wedding Present, Chilly Gonzales, Badly Drawn Boy and Blondie’s Clem Burke.

Doc’n Roll is supported by the BFI Audience Fund using money from the National Lottery to grow audience appetite and enjoyment for a wide range of independent British and international films. This year’s edition includes 25 world, European, UK and London premieres, filmmaker and artist Q&As and live music events. 2018 also marks Doc’n Roll’s debut collaboration with The Photographers’ Gallery, in an exclusive event celebrating the world premiere of Kojey Radical, a short film by renowned photographer and filmmaker Dean Chalkley.


Punk Film Highlights


We Are The League (How Deep Do You Want It?) + Q&A

Dir. George Hencken, UK, 2018, 90 mins

Q&A with director and talent

9:00pm Friday 2 November – Genesis Cinema

World premiere

We Are The League (How Deep Do You Want It?) is a deep and meaningful feature length documentary about (officially) one of the most offensive bands of all time, The Anti-Nowhere League.

It’s the story of four blokes in leather trousers who crawled out of their unlikely home town of Tunbridge Wells in the early 1980s, shoved a carrot up the arse of the post-punk scene, and left a trail of outrage and disgust in their wake – and continue to do so to this day.

Packed full of never-before-seen archive footage – from the League’s first ever show at the world-famous Lyceum in London, to clips from Stewart Copeland’s legendary lost nouveau-punk art film odyssey So What!, We Are The League (How Deep Do You Want It?) tells the full uncensored story, in the frank and unapologetic words of the original members, of how a biker, a skinhead, a grammar school boy and a Persian exile with no respect for anything, no discernible musical talent and no ambition nevertheless surfed the second wave of punk out of the Garden Of England, all the way around the world – and back again.

They didn’t change the face of rock’n’roll, but they sure pissed off a lot of people along the way.



Stories from She Punks+ Q&A

Dir. Gina Birch and Helen Reddington, 2018, UK, 45 mins

Q&A filmmakers

7:00pm Saturday 10 November – Genesis Cinema

World premiere

Loud, fearless and (un)typical girls: Gina Birch(The Raincoats) and Helen Reddington (The Chefs), musicians and punk icons turned directors, serve up a fascinating documentary built on new interviews with the women who played instruments in punk bands in the 1970s. In accounts laced with wit, honesty and insight,  pioneering players including the Adverts’Gaye Black (bass), Palmolive from The Slits (drums), Shanne Bradley from The Nips (bass), Jane Munro from The Au Pairs (bass), Hester Smith and Rachel Bor from Dolly Mixture (drums and guitar), bassist Gina and guitarist Ana Da Silva from The Raincoats, as well as many others, we hear about acquiring instruments, learning to play, forming bands and getting gigs.



So, which band is your boyfriend in….? + Q&A

Dir. Suzy Harrison, 2018, UK 2018, 97 min

Q&A with filmmaker

6:30 pm Saturday 17 November – Genesis Cinema

So, which band is your boyfriend in? is a documentary exploring gender in the UK’s DIY and underground music scenes. Heavily involved in music since childhood, director Suzy Harrison was increasingly struck by how few other girls and women were involved. What was stopping them? In this film, she gives a voice to individuals who have been involved in music, but never had the opportunity to share their stories on camera. This groundbreaking exploration documents current experiences, challenges and changes from the viewpoint of musicians not identifying as male.

Suzy’s aim was to make a film to raise awareness of the experiences of those in the scene, in the hope that it will lead to positive change. Her filmmaking approach mirrors the ethos of the music scene she is a part of: if you want to create something, don’t let anything stop you; do it yourself. Suzy is not only the director of this independent debut, she is also the interviewer, editor and producer.



Is It Punk Music?

Dir. Rodrigue Huart, 2017, France, 50 mins

Q&A with director

6:30pm Friday 9 November – Picturehouse Central

UK premiere

Jim and Loz Beck are brothers from Chipping Norton. They’ve played rock music together since they were 8 years old. At 18, they left the boredom of the English countryside behind to live in London and work on their music; Jim began work in a cultural association as Loz discovered the pleasures of student life. Driven by the raw punk sounds and deeply political and emotional lyrics of their two-piece band Cassels, this intimate portrait foregrounds their headstrong aesthetic, their fearlessly DIY approach to the music industry’s realities, and the vicissitudes of social and economic life in London.







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