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DOCTOR THIS – ‘Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?’ EP

DOCTOR THIS – Please Sir, Can I Have Some More?

Doctor ThisFrom the wilds of Norfolk in the UK, solo punker, Doctor This has just released a self written, produced and recorded EP with five tracks.

The opening song, Tragedy packs a punch and sounds like The Apostles with some aggressive riffs and political lyrics delivered in a spoken/snarled manner…good stuff!

On Call Me A Cynic, the feedback from the guitar leads to a churning riff with vocals moved back in the mix and a Rudimentary Peni sound. The EP has the DIY vibe that the Crass label exposed on the Bullshit Detector albums and it works well.

The third song, Corporate Fool returns the vocals to more prominence and the guitars are rawer as the lyrics maintain the political edge with Oxygen Thief takes the politics up a notch in a good way and the EP takes on the effect of those from Rabid, Mau Maus of the early 1980s…it’s true punk rock in sound, spirit and approach!

The EP closes with Happy where a jaunty beat meets those Rudimentary riffs and a Mar E. Smith vocal delivery to produce a call to arms for everyone to “Get Up, Get Out, Be You, Shout”.


I really enjoyed this one and you can listen to Please Sir, Can I Have Some More? by Doctor This here: https://doctorthis.bandcamp.com/album/please-sir-can-i-have-some-more