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DOG CHOCOLATE – ‘Moody Balloon Baby’ Album Review

DOG CHOCOLATE – Moody Balloon Baby

Dog ChocolateDog Chocolate have a new album called Moody Balloon Baby’ set for release on May 11th.  Musically it’s frantic and frayed and veers from the deeply political to the funny and absurd.

Opening with Amateurs Forever, where a brief atonal guitar gives way to a manically paced, fuzzed out guitar sprint for 97 seconds of punk rock anarchy!

How Can We Destroy The Museum?  is driven by a compelling riff, throws in a cowbell and a second rhythm guitar and dual vocals – the overall package reminds me of The Fall and Art Brut with a little Sleaford Mods in the mix.

Next up on this thirteen-track album is Volcano Baby Man where the DIY ethic is stretched to the limit as the band barely hold things together and threaten to lose control completely. Gone Viral throws in a harmonica on top of the power chords and spoken/sung vocals for 83 seconds of powerful DIY punk rock!

Animals Don’t Give A Shit About Your Art is dominated by the rhythmic shouted vocals and some form of electronic instrument and George Saunders Story is 57 seconds of wailing vocals, some ambient discordant electronic noise…strange indeed! On Dog Chocolate 1995 the band produce a hooky guitar driven track with some truly funny lyrics…it’s all so loose yet clever, controlled chaos (I think).

Another sub-two minute song comes nest and What’s The Crux? has a weird space alien atmosphere to be followed by The CDRs Won’t Last!, 44 seconds of layered vocals creating a disconcerting vibe all around! On Tesco Flag, Dog Chocolate channel Royal Blood in a DIY way with fuzzy bass/guitar, solid drums and match it with Toy Dolls lyrics and what sounds like a xylophone driven section or two.

Snakes And Boulders In Shallow Waters moves along at pace, albeit an eclectic pace whilst Ship The Rocks Back brings Sleaford Mods back to mind with the beats prominent and spoken/sung vocals up front. The album closes with Fix Fings and the chaos continues with staccato vocals, guitars and drums all competing for prominence…I’m breathless!

This one is different and in the mold of art-punk/eclectic new punk bands such as The Future Of The Left and Half Man Half Biscuit.


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