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DOG COMPANY – ‘High Hopes In Hard Times’ Review

DOG COMPANY – High Hopes In Hard Times

Dog CompanyDog Company are a Dallas, TX based punk band and, late last year, they released an absolutely scorchingly hot album, High Hopes In Hard Times. The band formed in 2006 and cite influences from Bad Religion to Cock Sparrer and more!

The album opens with a thirty-eight second Intro featuring an ominous and very well played acoustic guitar and build up to a crescendo that sets up the simply wonderful Forever Soldier, a track that explodes into view with a swagger reminiscent of Boston’s Dropkick Murphys replete with singalong chorus and dripping with hooks and melody…WOW!!!

No Fooling You enters with pace and a ‘knees up, swing your partner around the floor’ intensity reminding me of some of the greatest drunken, sunken and brilliant punk rock tracks of the past 40 years. Dog Company have released a belter of an album full of power, pace and fun as shown on Skeletons where the vocal introduction leads to a whirlwind of guitars, loose snare drum and a helter-skelter of punk rock action full of fresh energy, deep melody and big hooks.

On World Gone Mad, Dog Company showcase their ability to pen a simply brilliant punk rock track full of singalong choruses and mosh-pit inducing musicianship throughout combining Flogging Molly with the aforementioned Cock Sparrer to craft a genre of punk that I will refer to as Celtic Oi! The powerful lick that introduces Shut Your Mouth leads to another monster set of riffs and hooks that had the entire office wandering over to enquire about the producers of such a wonderful noise!

The Oi style Word Became Flesh tells a story with rhythm and rhyme and a splendid chorus that had us punching the air, singing along and swigging our beer with gusto and then The Way is faster, more aggressive, punkier without losing the singalong harmonies and melody albeit with a Clash like edge. The punkier edge is maintained on Where’s Everybody Gone with some SLF style verses and soaring chorus all backed by a solid beat and some sterling guitar work!

The rambunctious Have A Drink is up there with the best punk rock drinking songs I have heard and Fact Or Fiction adds some runaway guitar licks on top of a fast Irish-jig beat as the track drips with melody and danceable intent…great fun and great stuff! The penultimate song, Raise Your Glass is a belting song with terrace-chant choruses and an atmosphere of camaraderie so tangible that you just need to see these folks live to join in the fun (they have a few gigs coming up by the way!)

This excellent album closes with Vengence and this one motors along with intent, pace and power for a tight and powerful conclusion.

You gotta get this one folks…it’s available at all the usual online places and Dog Company have very kindly supplied us with a few copies on red vinyl. Only 200 worldwide and we can’t find any in the UK! (click here for more).





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