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DOKUGA – ‘Dokuga’ Album Review




With the news that seminal punk band, Discharge, are about to release a new album (and early signs are that it is going to be a classic) it is relevant that we review one of many bands influenced by the D-Beat sound. Dokuga from Porto, Portugal will release a limited pressing (just 300 copies) of their new album in April and it is very good indeed.

The album opens with 59 seconds of raw power with Avaria (Google translate tells me this is “Breakdown” in English) and then the excellent Caminho do Mal pounding along a breakneck speed with a guttural vocal performance. Gloria Ao Vicio (Glory to Addiction) really did remind me of Discharge in the Never Again period – 1 minute and 33 seconds of pure energy.

Dokuga will be touring Germany and the Czech Republic in May promoting the album and if they are half as good live as they are on this recording, they will bring the house down. Trela encroaches onto Extreme Noise Terror territory and we are treated to the first true guitar solo on the album, as these guys don’t overplay the solo break.

Estas Ruas (These Streets) is one of my favourite tracks with a solo D-Beat drum opening followed by almost two minutes of great guitar and vocals. The group have been together since 2006 and have clearly spent ten years honing their craft. There is not a bad track on the album and the aural assault is relentless. The Portuguese enhances the listener’s enjoyment as you appreciate just how global the punk scene is today.

Horror Ao Vazio (Horror When Empty) is another stand out track as is the bass introduced Cicatrix with the latter featuring some dual vocal interplay. The album concludes with an English titled song, Don’t need Religion that is an instant masterpiece blending U.K. Subs, Exploited and a bit of Anti-Pasti all updated to a 2016 sound.

The album is well produced, well played and one of the best we’ve heard in a while…get it!

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Avaria
  2. Caminho do mal
  3. Gloria ao vicio
  4. Trela
  5. Estas Ruas
  6. Noites Brancas
  7. Fogo Cruzado
  8. Horror ao Vazio
  9. Cicatriz
  10. Nunca Acaba
  11. Ansia de Perder
  12. Don’t Need Religion




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