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DRUIDIAN PINK – ‘Pink Aliens’ EP Review


druidian-pinkHailing from the music rich city of New Orleans, psychedelic Punk band, Druidian Pink have just released their debut ep, Pink Aliens.

The opener, Cult Of The Pink Aliens has a B-52s vibe with high vocals, surf-punk guitar and that ‘from another planet’ lyrical approach. The band are not afraid to mix the psychedelic verses with heavier chords for the choruses and some nifty guitar work throughout.

Black Magic is a rock and roller with some pep that maintains the early B-52s vibe with a punkier edge.  Swirling keyboards add to the atmosphere of psychedelia and the rhythmic vocals help to get the feet shuffling! On Endless Maze, Druidian Pink go for over five minutes of male lead vocals in a rock ‘n’ roll romp with a slightly off-kilter guitar sound that ascends into a full on jam.

Lightning Bolt changes direction slightly with a spacy return to the vocals over a jerky rhythm and Ty Dye Rain builds on a simple guitar hook to launch into a powerful rocker that changes direction throughout.

The six-song EP concludes with The Hex and Druidian Pink attempt to put a spell on the listener luring you in with a chunky, churning opening before the vocals tempt you to relax and then that rhythm returns almost Rubella Ballet style to hook you completely.

Druidian Pink are different and build on early B52s to give you a 2017 psychedelic experience.

You can stream the EP here:


Track Listing

  1. Cult of the Pink Aliens
  2. Black Magic
  3. Endless Maze
  4. Lightning Bolt
  5. Ty Dye Rain
  6. The Hex


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