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DUCKING PUNCHES – ‘Alamort’ Album Review


Ducking PunchesWith its title taken from an old archaic term meaning to be ‘half dead from exhaustion’, Alamort, the new album from Ducking Punches was released on the16th of February 2018 through the Xtra Mile Recordings label.

The eleven-song album begins with the track With Unfounded Hope where a plaintive vocal is interrupted by some powerful guitars before returning to the vocals again. It is a terrific track, epic in scope and quality and the prodding bass guitar is maintained throughout.

Ducking Punches hail from Norwich, UK (a city not far from punkonline.co.uk HQ) and they manage to blend a unique British new-wave punk sound with an American skate-punk atmosphere. This blend is evident on Smoking Spot that sounds like a a punkier version of Catfish And The Bottlemen.

The booming drum intro to Distant Shadows leads into a melodic Foals like rocker whilst Missing You Is Killing Me has an edgier approach fueled by a dirty bass guitar and lilting lick from the guitar. On The Club With No Name the band deliver a ballad style song full of pain and longing before it builds to a punchy, punky performance.

Witches Of Valais is a poppier punk song that is full of hooks and melody and Je Vais Mourir follows up with more of the angst ridden vocal over mellow guitars. The song launches into a powerful rocker that had the office lift their heads from their computers and amble over to enquire “Who is that?” – Ducking Punches are that good!

The eighth track, Sobriety continues to deliver the hooks, the licks, the booming bass and the pounding drums. The vocals are strong throughout the album and there is a slight nod to US skate-punk on Face The Faxe with its eclectic rhythm with a Wombats like delivery.

The second to last effort, I Ruin Everything, is a ballad full of emotion and restraint and leads to the closer, I Was Uncomfortable. Here, Ducking Punches open with an ethereal keyboard and a post-punk guitar leads to an angst ridden screamed vocal. The song builds to a mid-paced melodic and ambitious song that I enjoyed immensely…sort of like Drenge meets the Sisters of Mercy!!!

You can listen to Alamort by Ducking Punches here: https://duckingpunches.bandcamp.com/releases