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DUNT – ‘Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate’ EP Review

DUNT – Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate

duntEver since Edinburgh’s DUNT released their debut EP, ‘Between Punk Rock and a Hard Place’, we have kept a keen eye on the band as that first offering made us sit up and take notice of things to come.

Their new EP, Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate, opens with the excellent Eat Sleep Slave Repeat, a track full of melody and hooks and one that does not take any short cuts on power or anger either. You can check out the video below. The track is held together with a churning guitar riff and some excellent production – it burrowed its way into my brain and stayed there!

Tears starts with a strong drum beat, a tinge of feedback, some bass and then the vocals launch a chunky epic song that sums up DUNT very well – powerful, tight, accessible, melodic and with an edge. Listening to the EP is one of those experiences that music fans crave – the discovery of something special, something to share with your friends, something to remember!

The third track of the five, Non Essential introduces some atonal guitar over some manic drumming and grows into a full frontal assault of the senses. Photograph is a three and a half minute song dripping with emotion as the up front vocals dominate a very strong track indeed!

Closing the deal with Brink, we are treated to some controlled mayhem, superb drums, tight guitars and soaring vocals with a brief bass driven interlude and a rebuild driven by a guitar solo, DUNT simply deliver and they have followed up the first EP with something even better. Keep an eye out for this band too!

You can grab a copy of Bad Things Come To Those Who Hate for yourself at the excellent Infinite Hive website.