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DUNT – ‘Between Punk Rock and a Hard Place’ Review

duntDUNT are here for your protection, with a manifesto of energetic live shows, wry humour and blunt force musical trauma to the skull, with their observation of everyday bullshit, great melodies and choppy riffs. Their songs will become so embedded into your brains, you will be punching them out of your own face with delight.

The new DUNT E.P. ‘Between Punk Rock and a Hard Place’ is an essential listen, especially if you like good old fashioned punk rock music with an edge.

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‘Comfortably Dumb’ opens up the E.P. and showcases what this band are capable of. Some bands take the option of one paced music, whether it’s thrash or classic three-chord punk but DUNT mix it up. This track emphasises the point with several pace changing interludes which keeps your interest alive. Don’t get me wrong, this is punk rock music but by accomplished musicians brave enough to offer something slightly different from the mainstream.

After several listens I can’t make my mind up if ‘Nihilist’ or ‘Wasted Time’ is my favourite track of the five on offer. Both cross into the early Stiff Little Fingers sector, ‘Wasted Time’ even having a very similar title to my all time favourite SLF track. The vocals are gravelly (suiting the music perfectly) whilst the guitars are punchy and the drums hard and fast – all in all a perfect combination for great punk rock music.

There’s not a weak track on here and we at Punk Online are tipping DUNT for excellent things ahead. Really hoping a full album is on the horizon as five songs does leave you wanting a little bit more.

Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Comfortably Dumb (3.43)
  2. Nihilist (3.23)
  3. Wake Up Down (2.26)
  4. Wasted Time (2.58)
  5. Those We Leave Behind (3.06)