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DYSNEA BOYS – ‘Forgot How to Read’ Review

dysnea-boysBerlin’s DYSNEA BOYS are veterans of various North American and European punk bands and consist of former members of Social Unrest, The Spitfires, The Loyalties, Radio Berlin, Sorry my Sox and Book of Lists.

Pronounced ‘Disney’ Boys, these guys really pack a punch and range from all out punk to goth style musings. Opener Christian Bail is certainly the former, an ‘in your face’ fast track with angry vocals and a belted out tune. This is a good start.

Spike in my Skull is the first we hear of the Dysnea Boys slowing things down and the vocals taking on a more spoken word scenario. For me, this is where they come into their own, it’s a bit different and shows a more accomplished side to their song writing. Not dissimilar to the True Sounds of Liberty or even more upbeat Bauhaus tracks of the early 80’s.

This makes for a good mixture throughout the album and you don’t get bored with a continual three chord thrash, not to say that those tracks are unwanted but it keeps you on edge wanting to know what comes next. Bucket of Gas is one of those with an awesome guitar riff played as a constant throughout, very Killing Joke and ‘Delete’ off their recent album – brilliant stuff this. Find Water then takes us into Dead Kennedys territory as a full on blast at just over a minute in length, remember ‘Dog Bite’?

Sea Caves is quite simply a must hear song – an excellent punk rock tune with a brilliant contrast between verse and chorus. The verse bounces along before the angry onslaught of the chorus. Can’t get enough of this one!

Things slow down again with Here She Comes, the most melodic number on the album before Ruined Eyes cranks it back up. The opening guitar riff reminiscent of punk/goth band 1919 and even the vocals take me back to ‘Repulsion’ or ‘Caged’. The diversity on one single album has to be applauded.

I urge you to check out Dysnea Boys and ‘Forgot How to Read’, another belter of an album sent our way.

Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Christian Bail
  2. OJ
  3. Spike in my Skull
  4. This Kind of Night
  5. Bucket of Gas
  6. Find Water
  7. Identical White Coffins
  8. Sea Caves
  9. Blood Hones
  10. Here She Comes
  11. Ruined Eye
  12. Paper Pills



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