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EASTFIELD – ‘Another Boring Eastfield Collection’ Review

eastfieldEschewing managers, promoters, agents and focused on a true DIY punk ethic, Eastfield have been bashing them out since 1996. The band have more than a passing interest in trains, train stations and the railways in general and have just released a collection of 33 songs.

The interplay between the straight up sing-along male/female vocals backed by a really tight rhythm section makes for a great listen. The collection comes alive on track 3 – ‘Fortuna Hell’ bringing comparisons of Rubella Ballet to these ears. Throughout the years there have been some line up changes but Jessi (Guitar/Singing) , Bambi (bass/singing)and Trina (more singing) are the regulars with recent addition of Pete (drums).

The lyrics veer into Toy Dolls territory on ‘Milton of Leys’ – “Phil Collins, Phil Collins, How do you sleep at night?” and Eastfield have a keen sense of humour that comes through on many songs.

The band received glowing reviews of their performance at Rebellion in 2009 and 2011 and it’s clear to see why as these songs are strong punk anthems well played with some real energy. ‘The Black Hole’ has an Anti-Pasti meets the Restarts vibe whilst ‘The Gasmen’ recalls the U.K. Subs. However, Eastfield have carved out their own sound and are a great addition to the annals of punk.

Their DIY approach is to be admired – these girls and boys are authentic and their sarcastic and witty lyrics add a unique feel to the 3-chord song structures. With song titles such as ‘John’s not Mad’, ‘Port Talbot Transport Police’ and ‘Three Chords Good, Four Chords Bad’ you may think that you are stumbling upon an Olga Algar tribute album but each track stands out powerfully with the latter a real barnstormer!

‘Rod, Hull and Emo’ is a Blyth Power type melody over a power-punk backing and some quick research states that the band toured with Blyth Power in the early days…it’s another strong track.

The collection ends with ‘Another Boring Eastfield Song’ a very funny and clever set of lyrics poking a great deal of fun at themselves (and maybe their critics?) – For me, it stands out as it simply isn’t like the other songs and that’s the whole point.

It’s not boring, not one of the tracks goes on too long and there’s something to love about them all.

 Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Tingalpa
  2. Three Seats
  3. Fortuna Hell
  4. Milton of Leys
  5. Pepper
  6. Beast of Bratislava
  7. The Black Hole
  8. Aspartame
  9. The Gasman
  10. Just Like The Sixties
  11. Drive on Henry
  12. Summer Hill Blues
  13. La Jonquera
  14. John’s Not Mad
  15. Eddie Watson
  16. Fare Dodging
  17. Port Talbot Transport Police
  18. Big Brother
  19. Three Chords Good, Four Chords Bad
  20. Rod, Hull and Emo
  21. The Second Fastest Cycle Courier In London
  22. Hearing Nothing About A Revolution
  23. God’ Plastic Railway
  24. Mick Murphy’s Dirty Bar
  25. Burt Reynolds Rides Again
  26. Humour Exclusion Zone
  27. Sharks Against Surfers
  28. Mannion
  29. Jostick Head
  30. S*W*A*Y*Z*E
  31. Come To Bevland
  32. Radio West
  33. Another Boring Eastfield Song



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