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EAT DEFEAT – ‘I Think We’ll Be OK’ Album Review

EAT DEFEAT – I Think We’ll Be OK

I Think We’ll Be OK is the title of the new 2018 full length album from Eat Defeat. Since the release of 2016’sTime & Tide, the band have rapidly risen through the ranks of the UK Pop Punk scene, being picked as one of Fireball UK’s ‘Hottest Bands’ in 2017. The album has been two years in the making and will be released on August 3rd.

The ten-track album opens with the engaging and bouncy A Little Less Than OK where Eat Defeat marry urgent yet melodious vocals with a surging, swirling guitar and a punchy beat veering into skate-punk territory. The forty-two seconds of Duvet Day displays some catchy pop-punk vibes with a “not coming into work” message whereas Smile offers serrated guitars, insistent vocals and a pounding beat – it all creates a feel-good atmosphere with a bit of an edge.

On Nothing’s Wrong a soaring guitar lick and some terrific drums propel a Lagwagon style pop-punker along and on Can’t Say I Miss You the Stiff Little Fingers like introduction sets up an explosive track with some ferocious power supporting the vocal melodies with Shortcutsexploring tempos that vary from the manically fast to more mid-paced.

The band explore Green Day territory on Running In Place albeit with a skate-punk edge to the pop-punk vibe including an almost silent middle-eight section. Scorched Earth contains some super hooks and great guitar work with a more aggressive punk rock tone and the penultimate song, Self Help (For The Helplessly Selfless) is a terrific track with the Yorkshire accent fully exposed as the Leeds based band hammer out a standout skate-punk track that we simply loved!!!

The album concludes with Not Today, Old Friend and hooks rain down at pace and with precision as the drums pound, guitars display layer upon layer of riffs and the vocals continue with melody, passion and authenticity – this is one strong ending to a majestic skate-punk/pop-punk masterpiece!

I Think We’ll Be OKby Eat Defeat will be released on vinyl, CD and digital download through Bearded Punk Records on 03 August 2018.






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