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EAT DIRT – ‘Eat Dirt – I’ EP Review

EAT DIRT – Eat Dirt – I

eat-dirtSelf described as “A Pissed Off Punk Rock Collective From London, UK”, EAT DIRT are everything we love about punk rock here at The band formed
in late 2016, following the spiraling storm of political idiocy and rising tensions throughout the United Kingdom, and EAT DIRT are angry.

Their debut EP is simply, BRILLIANT. It’s fucking angry and it’s short, sharp and shatters much of what is out there right now. Opening with the 32 second title track EAT DIRT conjures up legendary anarcho-punk rockers DIRT (excuse the pun, it was the female backing vocals) and Conflict.

“LET’S RISE UP AND LET”S BE HEARD” the band scream on PIGS where they pack more energy, hooks, anger and passion into the 90 seconds than I have heard in years. The third track clocks in at under 1 minute and 48 maintains, the pace and anger – it’s like the Black Bloc have recorded an EP in the middle of rioting at Hamburg – if you ain’t fucking angry right now then EAT DIRT will stir up those passions. As the band state:

“I’d given up on music. I wasn’t really angry enough. I had nothing to sing about anymore. Then the whole Brexit thing happened. I’m mad at people. I’m mad at the world around me. As a group, we need to vent. EAT DIRT is that release.”

Musically, EAT DIRT produce a fast, unrelenting punk rock sound of their very own. They have no interest in “making it”, they don’t care for industry politics and will not pander to anyone – they simply want to play punk rock, have fun and release that pent up aggression. Dead is a storming rock and rolling rant and the longer (2 minutes) format gives the song a chance to breath and drag you in screaming.

‘EAT DIRT – I’ clocks in at under five minutes, brought to life through the production skills of Justin Hill (ex-Sikth). The message is clear. These guys are frustrated and angry and don’t hold back. It’s honest and stripped back punk rock, at it’s finest.

‘EAT DIRT – I’ is out now, for free, through all usual digital platforms – Get it, best thing I have heard in a very long time. Available here.


EAT DIRT are: Unamed
EAT DIRT live: 04 Aug – New Cross Inn, London w/ PEARS


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