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EIGHT SINS – ‘Serpents’ Album Review

EIGHT SINS – Serpents

eight-sinsFormed in 2006, Eight Sins spent a long time honing their craft live before releasing their debut album Straight Hate in 2008, swiftly followed by Blood Revenge in 2009.

The two releases were very well received by the public and Eight Sins were seen as a strong addition to the French hardcore scene.

A few line up changes later, the band began a new chapter with World of Sorrow released in 2013.  Serpents is the latest release from these thrash/hardcore specialists and opens with Where Is Your God? Some discordant classical music gives way to a spoken word intro and then a thudding riff hits you in the solar plexus. On Poisoned Eight Sins follow a heavy introduction with a fast paced thrash metal/hardcore punk feel.

Vultures brings a Killing Joke riff to the forefront albeit, darker vocals and faster drums with some changes of pace. Again, the use of spoken word/film clips is utilized to introduce Filled With Hate and the track does not disappoint with machine gun drums, chunky riffs and throat burning vocals – heavy stuff indeed!

The ten-track album passes the half-way point with the searing Ten Years and the title track, Serpents is the complete package with a great vocal performance backed solidly by the pulsating music. Wreck Of The Empire flirts with a sludge-style approach and I’m What I Fear takes things up quite a few notches with a very heavy vibe.

The penultimate track, Stand Alone continues to drive home the message with churning guitar, pounding drums and bass with another gravel throat vocal. Ending with Beers & Moshpit Eight Sins deliver a sub 90 second punk rock thrasher that will send you into a frenzy!

Good stuff for fans of the likes of Bury Your Dead, Lamb Of God, Sworn Enemy, Walls Of Jericho…Check out Serpents by Eight Sins here: https://eightsins.bandcamp.com/