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ELK GANG – ‘Hours Pass’ Review

elk-gangFormed in Edinburgh a mere two years ago, this bunch of Scots certainly know how to pack a punch!

This is Elk Gang’s debut seven track mini album ‘Hours Pass’ and it should bode of good things to come.

From the swift opener of Forgive and Forget, that clocks in at under two minutes, through to the closer, also the longest track at over four and a half minutes – wow almost into prog territory (joke), Join a Local Sports Club, this is an excellent slab of staccato music, verging on thrash at times but with sufficient melodies to keep me interested.

The final already mentioned track is a fine attack on the X Factor/Xbox generation and the decline in general of people just getting out and doing stuff in the fresh air. I spent a couple of hours at the weekend with my nephew and niece at the park in town which has loads of swings/slides and suchlike, lovely sunny day, and there were about three other families there! I digress.

Of the other tracks Well, This is Terrifying has some nice guitar work in it showing the guys can do a lot more than just thrash it out.

Surprisingly the shortest track on the album Let’s Have the Greatest New Year Ever is also a melodic ballad that totally surprised me as a bit like Radioheads Street Spirit I was anticipating it kicking off at some point but it remained at a sedate pace all the way through.

Repeat Reading is a song about the people who become attached to things even though they know the outcome will never change, a bit like following West Ham grrr.

Days Pass is probably on early listening my personal favourite, a mix of noise and melody in equal measures not dissimilar to AFI before they went too emo.

Overall a good first effort which if Elk Gang keep up the good work it should see them getting a bit more coverage and gigs.

Available on Bandcamp as a dirt cheap download or a physical TAPE, yes that’s right. I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed as a value for money purchase.

Chris – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Forgive & Forget
  2. Are You the Keymaster?
  3. Well, this is Terrifying
  4. Let’s Have the Greatest New Year Ever
  5. Repeat Reading
  6. Days Pass
  7. Join a Local Sports Team



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