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ELMO AND THE STYX – ‘I, Idiot’ Review

elmo-and-the-styxThis 5 track E.P. from Elmo and the Styx (EATS) follows on from their 2014 debut album, Happy. The band confirmed that the 5 songs are the ‘poppier’ recordings from a recent studio session where 16 songs were laid down for a new album in 2016. Opening with Pash where the lyrics surround the “We hate punk” theme and the drums drive the fast paced powerful effort through some jazzier guitar work, you sense that the band are willing to experiment.

The next track, Green Ink, tells a tale of graffiti on toilet walls, subway walls etc. and is a truly energetic effort that combines a foundation of punk chords with some eclectic guitar solos and vocal delivery.

EATS are from the Wirral and it’s tempting to highlight similarities with Half Man Half Biscuit in that there is a sense of humour and art punk ethic evident throughout the EP. However, EATS are heavier in sound and conjure up a great racket for a trio with comparisons to a punkier Biffy Clyro being more accurate.

Do you like animals? Is a real rabble rousing two and a half minutes of punk power and, for me, the highlight of the 5 songs on this EP. The final track New song, Old song starts off a little slower than the previous 4 and is driven by a super bluesy fuzz guitar lick over some great drums and heavy bass.

Overall a really enjoyable listen and clearly a band worth checking out.


Elmo and the Styx have since played gigs all over the UK and Europe, and supported some of their heroes; Nomeansno and Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE). Check them out here http://elmoandthestyx.bandcamp.com/album/i-idiot

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Track Listing

  1. Pash
  2. Green Ink
  3. Do You Like Animals
  4. Elephant’s Palace
  5. New Song Old Song