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ERO GURU – Self Titled EP Review

ERO GURU – Self Titled EP

Ero GuruFrom Diest in Belgium come Ero Guro and their self-titled debut EP will be available in the physical form on September 9th (limited to 200 7 inch vinyl singles) but you can download from Bandcamp too.

The band have recently formed and the six song EP opens with an 85 second Intro with ambient noises and a harrowing female spoken word/scream vocal that is slightly disconcerting. It is quickly followed by Righteous Harm, a banging punk/garage song with a UK82 feeling with serrated guitars and megaphone vocals.

On the longest song on this EP, the two and a half minute, Borderline, Ero Guru layer a compelling riff and solid rhythm underneath an anxious screamed vocal that veers between a spoken word confession and pained shouts of “I’m sick AND tired” – it’s a raw and interesting track full of energy.

Pacifier rocks along with a fast paced riff and the vocals continue in that ‘just behind the door with a megaphone’ style with a slight nod to the Birthday Party. Ero Guro are certainly different but accessible with meaty hooks and drums. The 5th song, Latex at Gunpoint (Sick Chicks) pounds along with a horror punk vibe and is followed by Dropout Boogie, a full on garage punk romp with a fast paced hook and stop/start chorus that closes out this debut EP leaving you well satisfied!

Ero Guru are a welcome addition to the scene and you can listen to their self-titled EP here:





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