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EVIL BLIZZARD – ‘The Worse Show On Earth’ Album Review

EVIL BLIZZARD – The Worse Show On Earth

Evil BlizzardHailing from Preston in the North of England, Evil Blizzard are comprised of four bassists, a singing drummer and play live in some seriously scary rubber masks. Their new album, The Worse Show On Earth was released on June 29th.

The opening track, Hello has a definite PiL vibe with prominent bass patterns meeting a thudding drum beat and echo-infused vocals – we loved it. The band have added some guitar overlays but the bass guitar is up-front on Fast Forward Rewind where the band channel Joy Division, Front 242 and Kraftwerk to produce a foreboding atmosphere wrapped into a percussive head-banger!

The rolling drum intro to Unleash The Misery is soon joined by a thundering bass and off-kilter guitars as the vocals creep up on you building to a Nitzer Ebb style atmosphere before exploding into some furious musical interplay…phew! Those We Left Behind features a clipped keyboard riff, marching drumbeat and pounding bass lines with some monster guitar riffs kicking in Rage Against The Machine style.

The songs are lengthy which allows them to burrow their way into your brain as the rhythmic Like A God does with its persuasive beat and heavy riffs replete with synth aggression. The shorter Tell Me showcases Evil Blizzard in full Rudimentary Peni riff style before they break to an angular song that will have you bopping along.

The ‘magnum opus’ on this album is the ten-minute plus Pull God From The Sky. The track reminded me a little of The Mob with it’s slow build to some math-punk aggression leading to a brilliant climax. The closer is just two seconds short of ten minutes but The Worst Show On Earth is different with effects induced vocals that are spoken, plaintive piano and then some huge chords and ambient noise combine to add a major riff and noise-fest that is awe-inspiring in scope and sonic canvas…astounding!

The band has opened for such eclectic bands as Space, Sleaford Mods, Ruts DC, Gnod, Hawkwind, Killing Joke, Public Image Limited, Bo Ningen and Embrace. Grab this album and you will see why!

Grab your copy of The Worse Show On Earth by Evil Blizzard here: https://evil-blizzard.bandcamp.com/album/the-worst-show-on-earth