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US BombsLast week we announced that punk veterans U.S. Bombs are to release two Clash inspired Eps at the end of December (article here).

As a result, we have exclusively caught up with lead singer Duane Peters to talk about The Clash, punk rock, politics plus other thoughts from the man behind the band.


Punk Online: Can you give us a brief overview of U.S. Bombs history from formation to today (mostly for the benefit of our UK/Europe readers)?

I started The US Bombs in 1993 the day after my last “Exploding Fuck Dolls” show. I called three other guys from the old days, early OC bands, and through the 25 years we have been together I am the last one left & rather than break it up like I thought I was going to…I met all these rad punks in Phoenix, AZ. through Tom Lopez at Slope Records and they are real fans of the band, into traditional punk rock… I thought why not try it with some guys that respect me, and I can respect them back without all the lip’tard baggage of the past. I like traditional punk rock … the other line ups were too road ruined to get along…the old touring van was a like a rolling civil war and the old band has “old” guys which means health issues and bad attitudes about hittin’ the road for even a short 10-day stint… my life is touring and I don’t got the baggage that everyone my age usually has. The new guys are making it fun again and we want to write new songs…we got a great record label backing us and everyone involved is on the same side. In my opinion we are just getting started and like the first album says… Put Strength in the Final Blow…


Punk Online: What’s the thinking behind the two new Eps due for release in December – especially The Clash connection and where those guys fit in with yourselves?

Number one I think The Clash is the most important band ever. Versatility and truth and owned by no one and I wanted my new band to cover two of the hardest Clash tunes that were actually well known. Right after we sent the Clash recordings to get pressed for vinyl I had 24 hours before I had to go back to CA and I wrote two songs, Hollywood Gong Show and Midnight Run and we just laid them down and we were all in. Now we got this new custom Bombs road tank via Slope records, we all get along, and are looking to take on the road and get better every night. Returning home from this upcoming tour we are going to write a new album & get ready for more touring.


Punk Online: Apart from The Clash, who else do you like in the punk arena (past and/or present)? Who has influenced you over the years?

The Ramones, The Heartbreakers, The Flyboys, Chelsea, Stiff Little Fingers, The Pogues, Shane McGowan & The Popes, Sham 69, The Flys & The Ruts, plus many more rock-a-billy, jazz & 80’s obscure but that’s enough for now.


Punk Online: You have a big tour planned for Jan/Feb. What can fans expect from the shows?

A completely full set that spans the years of The Bombs, songs the old band wouldn’t play live, and The Clash covers + new tunes. I am stoked on the set it’s insane… most versatile set The Bombs ever had. These new guys practice and are serious about kickin’ ass.. plus ask the old guys to answer a request from a fan “we are not playing that” is their answer. The truth is we should be able to play all Bombs songs at all times for the fans. The new guys answer with “Fuck you’re on, let’s keep our fans wantin’ more!” A real Bombs mentality I sadly never had with the old band.


Punk Online: Do you have any plans to come to Europe?

Yes. August 2018, we are playing The Rebellion festival and plan to add to that two weeks of gigs in European cities/towns.


Punk Online: What’s your current take on the political scene in the US?

This last election really opened my eyes to how democratic the punk and skateboarding scene is. Both completely run by democrats 90% of bands out there are complete lip’tards just listen. The Sex Pistols are the most lip’tard band in the history of punk… murdered Sid…Rottens favorite band is Hawkwind and Steve Jones is Boston. Give me a damn break. For the past three years I have been stuck at home and I really got to see how a lot of things in US politics work especially in CA and all liars I grew up around, all traitors in the scene, all labels are shit with shit deals in CA. No band members or labels from CA is my rule. Jerry Brown sucked our state dry when I was a kid and they brought him back. California needs to drown. I have been writing about this since the first record “Your swollen up in bubble gum no substance is blowing up.”


Punk Online: We have our own shit going on with Brexit in the UK & it seems the world is in turmoil at the moment. Do you think this is a huge time and opportunity for punk to come back to the forefront?

Absolutely. It’s the only chance for kids to wake up, put their phones down get creative and start a revolution. Get outside and play again. Don’t forfeit your youth or your mind to this tech world of shit. Start thinking for yourself and start thinkin’ about you! You’re worth more than what they, the lip’tards the Gov.com, are telling you. I really loved touring Europe when there was separate money and borders… Obama completely brainwashed the last 8 years of youth, all the leftover people that Bush Clinton Bush didn’t get. The only real label left is Slope Records. Open your thoughts to establishing a morality for yourself. You are not able to buy this. A morality that hears your heart is Punk Rock… a dance that reveres truth is a revolution that will never end. I love the youth for asking questions…that aspect of their honesty will always inspire me to live… and to write… and to tour. Roots. Establish roots in your truth we all need roots. I go back to my first days of dead friends and say nothing…drugs are not roots they are wars amongst your sad days and they end lives. End a sad day by writing a song for truth… your truth… write another song and another and now go get a mate to sing it with you. And the band is starting. And your roots are starting to anchor your truth to you… nobody can take that from you. Remember…Powerful Simple and Trustworthy lyrics make great beginnings to establishing a bands roots.

“People need people” – Joe Strummer


Punk Online: We have noticed a big upturn in the number of punk bands springing up in the UK. Is it the same in the US? If so, why do you think this is?

I am really unaware of who’s upcoming in the US. Going out where I live, as always for me, is taking a chance of being subjected to a number of Anti-American sentiment that really sets me up to be arrested… My love for my country and the future of my country is number 1 in my writing…that’s why I love touring and writing on tour and writing period… it keeps your emotions balanced and more importantly keeps me outta jail because in CA I am the white minority. The mags and television idiot box reality shit shows are always pushin’ out wildly overly charismatic wanna bees… as long as Bands like Rancid and MTV still have their clamp on the lip’tards we The Reals …The United States Bombs will take honor in winning The War that rages on against our youth… Accept nothing but real style and real people. Real thinking is not from copying and repeating but earning experiences and “writing. rewriting. and rewriting” another worth its weight in gold Strummer quote. And each time your thoughts say, “fuck this” and each day you say, “this sucks” we write again. You and your Punk Rock Gods not your hotel hell idea of being a rock star.


Punk Online: Do you have any plans for future releases, singles and/or albums?

I have a new band called The Duane Gang with a few old punkers from Phoenix, Jaime Lamb and also has Chris Kirkwood (The Meat Puppets) to mention a few. More of a lounge type record with hammond, horns and squeeze box. A 4-song double single coming out in January with those guys. Also, I have a book coming out titled “Chess Speaks; Gone is the Day” through Slope Records release early 2018. The US Bombs will be writing a new full-length record with Slope to be released by summer 2018.


Punk Online: What do you see as the future for U.S. Bombs and punk in general?

I am thrilled about getting back on the road, getting releases out and back to being more in touch with my audience. As our re-birth is happening I am hoping to bring up all the generation ‘Z’ kids and the misinformed millennials who have iPhones as an appendage… they can’t think for themselves without this Siri robot approval. Life is about trial and error but you gotta experience it in reality… many kids are not even experiencing what losing even feels like … you gotta pick yourself up and get back in the race. Ala Frank Sinatra. As far as the future of punk? The Punk Rock War Lord Joe Strummer said it himself… The Future is Unwritten.

I’m gonna roll out with that.



Many thanks to Duane for taking time out to talk to us and to Austin Griswold from Secret Service Publicity for making it happen.