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EXTRA SPOOKY – ‘Marbles’ Review

extra-spookyAs we plonked this album on the metaphoric turntable, we were immediately taken aback with the opening track, Good Year. We simply could not pigeon hole the band at all. Turning to their press materials we frantically search for the words that they describe themselves by – here you go: “haunted dance punk” – The album has been out for about a year so and the band have asked us to give it a listen.

Shaken About, Upside Down is the second track of sixteen and begins with some maracas and introduces an atonal guitar – think Los Campesinos and you get close to the vocals, change of pace, integration of numerous instruments. It’s intriguing and draws you in.

Context is Fall like in it’s driving bass and drums with discordant guitar and vocals. Then there is Whatever, If You Say So, a six minute plus track with a funky, dance beat and a cool interplay between guitars that swirls throughout the song.

Many of the songs are lengthy (above four minutes) but when Extra Spooky cut things shorter as they do with Mr. Death’s Creature Future and Tin Foil Royalty they sound tighter and more commercial. However, the longer tracks allow them and the listener to improvise and build as they do with one of the best tracks on the album, Pile Up Together For The Ol’ Handshake where a keyboard/loop introduction is joined by the bass, drums and vocals to craft over six minutes of the dance-punk referred to earlier.

The shortest song on the entire album is the title track Marbles lasting less than two minutes and reminding me of the Welsh band Future of the Left. The album is one of those where you are anxious to hear the next track as you know that you are going to get surprised and this continues all the way through to the final song, Ghosts. The song is propelled along by some strong military drumming and some great guitar work.

If you like The Fall, Future of the Left and intricate music that is very different, check out Marbles by Extra Spooky here:

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Track Listing

  1. Good Year
  2. Shaken About, Upside Down
  3. Context
  4. Whatever, If You Say So
  5. Gold Teeth
  6. Revise Rinse Repeat
  7. Mr Death’s Creature Feature
  8. Tin Foil Royalty
  9. Pile Up Together For The ‘Ol Handshake
  10. Marbles
  11. Shelf Life
  12. Clear As Concrete
  13. Stomping Grounds
  14. What’s Blood? What’s Blood?
  15. Old For Your Age
  16. Ghosts



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