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EYE LICKER – ‘Once More Into The Rabbit Hole’ Review

EYE LICKER – Once More Into The Rabbit Hole

Eye LickerFormed in Manchester, England in 2007, Eye Licker have just released a stormer of an album. From the monster opening Antisect style riff of the instrumental Intro Schmintro, Eye Licker make us sit up and take notice – superb stuff.

The next track is a hardcore romp that proceeds at pace and with sheer power – The Safeword Is ‘Harder’ is a corker of a track.

The fast heavy bass intro to In Sanity develops in a full frontal assault with excellent screamed vocals and some serious punk rock/hardcore chops reminiscent of Disorder, Chaos UK and Rudimentary Peni.

I Don’t Fit In is a sub two-minute pacey punk rock in the style of Pizzatramp whereas Choking Hazard throws in some excellent guitar licks to compete with some meaty riffs and super rhythm section for an eighty-eight second punk rock instrumental classic!

On Death And Taxes, Eye Licker get fast and heavy with a political lyrics and pace changes from the 150mph segments to the chunkier sections and then back again. The penultimate track on this eight-song album is Clean Out The Way with its Black Sabbath riffs leading into an incredibly fast circle-pit inducing hardcore effort. Phew!

The album ends with Dumbstruck and the rumbling bass, manically fast drums set up those signature screamed vocals and tight riffs.

For me, a brilliant release full of anger, power, pace and punk rock chops throughout…get this one!


Check out Once More Into The Rabbit Hole from Eye Licker here:




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