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EYES ON SATELLITES – ‘The Illuminator’ EP Review

EYES ON SATELLITES – The Illuminator

Eyes On SatellitesBoston post hardcore quartet Eyes on Satellites, are set to independently release their new EP titled The Illuminator April 6th.

Following up on the group’s 2015 debut, Explorations EP, Eyes On Satellites have been working hard to developing their sound, playing regionally and garnering a solid reputation on the Boston scene.

The screamed vocals of Further Now are layered over a relatively mellow guitar driven backing and guttural vocals add a sense of menace and grit to the track. The blend of melody and angst fueled vocals works well creating a powerful effort indeed.

On Clarity, the band punch up the pace a notch or two. The spiraling guitar licks and soaring vocals adding to the ‘hardcore meets melancholy’ vibe. Eyes On Satellites move onto the title track, The Illuminator with prominent bass lines, complex rhythms and those screamed vocals (that mingle with melodic vocal treatments as well) It is a monster post-hardcore track that is both aggressive and accessible at the same time.

Ghostwood manages to join some Napalm Death vocals with anguished screams all layered on a slow beat with guitars mixing power chords and mellow licks. The penultimate song, Greenvale, continues the aural assault with chops and changes in approach whilst the closer, She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings is like a post hardcore ballad (if you can imagine that?) full of strength yet fragile at the same time.

Check out Eyes On Satellites and where to get a hold of The Illuminator from the bands social media here: Facebook