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FABULOUS SHEEP Announce Debut Album for Feb 8th

FABULOUS SHEEP Announce Debut Album for Feb 8th

Fabulous SheepFabulous Sheep is in constant ascension since 2014.

3 EP released in DIY, an album to come next year.
These five lads put together by an ancient friendship, a true brotherhood, have pushed the doors of some famous festivals during their 200 gigs tour.

Incandescent rock served by 5 ferocious kids, united for 10 years.
The twenty years-old lads come from south of France and write songs about the left-behind youth, social tensions of their city, dehumanisation…  Their sound is at the cross road of punk wrath and pop melodies.  On stage, they are true showmen, play viscerally, with the feeling of emergency.

In 2017-18, the band has succesfully opened concerts for sold-out shows in france, and is acheiving a 60-dates tour among them huge festivals “Les Trans Musicales” in Rennes, “This Is Not A Love Song” in Nîmes…


– The first album for february 2019.

– A fine live reputation in France with more than 200 concerts ( Transmusicales de Rennes, Printemps de BourgesLes Déferlantes with Elton John, Garotour from Garorock, and with Limiñanas, Birth of Joy, Husky Loops, The Dizzy Brains…)

-The band is already booked on several festivals this summer ( This is Not a Love Song Festival with Phoenix, Jesus and Mary Chain, but also Aluna Festival, FIMU de Belfort… )