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FADE AWAAYS Share Debut Single ‘Get Along’

FADE AWAAYS Share Debut Single ‘Get Along’

Fade AwaaysFrom the band…

‘Get Along’, our debut single, is about trying to make the best of a situation and trying to get along with the ones you love in hard times.

The most important part of the song is how much of a live staple it’s become for us. It’s all about audience interaction. There’s some songs that just sound a million times better when the audience is singing it as loud as they can – ‘Get Along’ is definitely one of them.

It was a very last minute addition to our repertoire. We wrote the arrangement for the song and sat on the lyrics for the rest of our days in the studio. I can’t even remember what we were trying to write the lyrics about because it took us way too long. Nothing felt right – it felt too rushed to be interesting but eventually we ended up writing lyrics about our situation, trying to get work done and how to work together in the studio. I hope we get along / staying lazy ain’t no job couch driven trying to get along.

It felt more accurate, natural, and engaging.

Thank you for listening!