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FAINTEST IDEA – ‘Increasing the Minimum Rage’ Review

faintest-ideaThe new album from Norfolk’s Faintest Idea is a ska/punk delight. The band have a political edge and are angry as hell at the Tory government and its austerity policies. Circling the drain showcases the reggae touch of the band and is very heavy on the horn section.

Cocktails is faster paced reminding me of Against All Authority with the shared vocals and nifty guitar licks complimenting the ska rhythm. There is a professional and accomplished feel to the eleven track album that stems from the fact that it was recorded with Hieronymous Melchers (the man behind the control desk on releases from legendary names from the ska punk scene including Capdown, Citizen Fish, King Prawn and Snuff) and mastered by Massimiliano Giorgini (Anti Flag, Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Common Rider).

The band intersperse radio interview clips Crass-style between songs to great effect and the entry to Down Pressure a sublime mix of the horn riff and ska beat leading to the punk rock style vocals.

Faintest Idea have toured relentlessly appearing at shows and festivals all over Europe and the UK, and in June 2014 the band embarked on a 10 date tour of Russia and on the evidence of this album, I would strongly urge any fan of the ska genre to get out and see these folks.

The Well Has Run Dry intros as a more typical punk track with heavy guitars and bass and drives through as hardcore song where the horn section adds to the powerful and fast paced song. It shows that the band are well capable of belting out a punk classic as they are the mellower sounding ska effort. This variety is underscored on Throw Away The Key with a terrace chant vocal approach over a slower reggae beat.

There are not too many bands to emerge from the port of King’s Lynn but Faintest Idea are one who are destined for a growing following and this album demonstrates a confidence and ability that has them at the top of their game. Pull on your Fred Perry and Doc. Martens and dance whilst complaining at the world…

The band have announced they will release the new album via Manchester-based punk and ska label TNS Records on 1st April 2016.

The album is available to pre-order now.

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