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FAKE LAUGH – ‘Fake Laugh’ Album Review

FAKE LAUGH – Fake Laugh

fake-laughFake Laugh’s self-titled debut album was released on July 28th. The album comes from Berlin-born, London-based artist Kamran Khan. Although busy with many projects, Khan confesses that once upon a time Fake Laugh was “a bit of fun on the side”. However, the project is now his sole focus, and it shows on the excellent opener Melt where a stomping drum beat drives an atmospheric vocal. “I wanted to make a point of writing more traditional and direct songs” he explains. “I wanted to make sure that every part I wrote for each instrument was as melodious as possible. That sort of super satisfying feeling you can get from music sometimes is aim for to me. The challenge is being able to hit that spot.”

Inspired by the likes of Beach House, Fake Laugh achieve that laid back yet urgent sound on Short Of Breath where jangling guitars, up-front drums and dreamy vocals combine to craft a pop-song in the vein of The Smiths. The debut album maintains that vibe with Kinda Girl where the vocals reminded me of Belle & Sebastian and if you like your music full of hooks, slightly off-kilter and indie style, Fake Laugh are for you!

As I Get To Know You Better has a sunny sound with a dark lyric and Hiding Place follows with a slower pace and dreamier sound. On Freely, Fake Laugh produce a combination of acoustic and classical guitar and a trippy sound propelled forward by a booming drum – it’s a great combination that hooks you and draws you into wallow in the warm waters!

Fake Laugh’s debut is well produced and adds some Galaxie 500 style lo-fi to You Will Find Out and then rock things up with the “2,3,4” introduced, Wouldn’t Bother. The second to last track on the eleven-track album is one of the best as You Do Know is a pop song infused with hooks, melody and some great guitar and vocal performances!

Ending with the surprisingly up-tempo Time To Die Fake Laugh conclude a very accomplished debut. If you like any of the bands referenced in this review, you will really like this album. Get it here:




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