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FAKE NEWS CORP: ‘Donny Takes A Trip’

FAKE NEWS CORP: ‘Donny Takes A Trip’

Fake News CorpFake News Corp is an alliance of disparate souls who wanted to manifest their opposition to the ‘alt-President of the USA’ in a rousing song. We can’t stop him coming to England but we do not welcome him. We disapprove of his racist, abusive, divisive activities and we object to his fascistic, bully-boy gang members.

Whilst he travels freely to England he attempts to restrict the movements of others, whether from Mexico, South America or the Middle East. Alt-POTUS is a self-confessed abuser, a charity fraudster and a graceless lying bully. He has no manners and is dangerously happy in the company of the despots and dictators he admires so much.

This song and this video are available free to anybody who wants them for non-commercial use. It would be great if you would consider donating to one of the charities linked below or to one of your choice.

We have created this work in order to add our voice to the millions of voices speaking out against greed, corruption, violence and cruelty, and speaking up for peace, cooperation, equality and truth.


Download the MP3 here: https://allthemadmenrecords.bandcamp….


Trump is coming. 13 July. Join the carnival of resistance: https://www.stoptrump.org.uk

Black Lives Matter: https://blacklivesmatter.com/

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