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FALL FLAVORED – ‘180’ Album Review


Fall FlavouredFall Flavored is a punk rock band hailing from Lille, France. They formed in 2014 and launched their debut album on February 15th. 180 contains eleven tracks (including a bonus song) From the opening power chords, it is clear that we are listening to something special. Epic & Colegram builds into a rocking track with huge hooks, pounding drums and an emo-tinged melodic vocal.

On Mountain of Rage, Fall Flavored maintain the momentum with soaring vocals and punchy guitar chords. The bass and drums provide a solid foundation for an accessible rock track with some interesting twists and turns that veer into Doors like territory at times. Nonsense is dominated by a super guitar lick and more strong vocals whilst Character In A Role Play opens with a choral vocal and develops into punk rock rap/romp full of melody.

At the half-way point the spiraling power chords of Runaway lead to an energetic punk rock track like Elastica meeting Discharge! The funky rhythms that introduce the excellent Sleep showcase a band on top form as they build to a fast chorus that is neatly juxtaposed with the rhythmic verses.

The post-hardcore edge of Can’t Be Beaten with some excellent guitar work and set up another strong vocal full of melancholy and attitude that propel the song along with pace. The anger of the vocals on Stuck In Life is matched with a more aggressive musical backing whereas Courtesy of Boris is full of menace as pounding tribal drums drive the track along…loved it!

The second to last song (or last track if the bonus track is not counted), Jump is an accessible alternative rock song that is accomplished and ready for primetime radio. The bonus track is a slightly shorter version of the earlier Character In A Role Play where the intro choral vocals are dispensed for a straight up rocker

Check out this excellent alternative rock album by Fall Flavored here:




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