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FALSE ADVERTISING: ‘Brainless’ EP Review

False AdvertisingManchester based, although not from Manchester as pointed out in previous interviews, False Advertising are an interesting mix in a trio.

Featuring the usual Guitar, Bass, Drums line-up, although duties can be shared.

Two guys, one girl and loads of noise.

Although relatively new having formed only just coming up to three years ago they are well set up and have already released a totally DIY album and got a bunch of videos out on YouTube.

Having control of their own destiny seems to suit them as this new five track EP shows as the mix of tracks on it would probably have been frowned at by a mainstream record company.

From the frenzied opener of ‘Alopecia’ with it’s obvious but catchy chorus and almost Cardiacs style choppy sound to closer ‘Sigh’ which is more reminiscent of Sleeper, both of which feature vocals from the female member of the band Jen Hingley (niece of Tom Hingley of Inspiral Carpets) who has a good strong voice as well as being proficient at drums, guitar and most design elements for the band being employed professionally in this field.

In fact, she features heavily as the vocalist on the whole EP which the other three tracks are ‘Give it your Worst’, ‘You’re Too Slow’ and ‘Piece of My Mind’.False Advertising

All feature a strong guitar sound with a nice mix of grungey fuzz mixed with some nice clean sounds and a strong drum track, overall the whole EP has a nicely produced quality without sounding overly antiseptic.

Currently touring the North of England through till the end of May in support of this new EP, if they perform as well and sound as good as they do on this release they will be worth catching.

If you like a mix of L7 meets Therapy with a melodic edge this could be for you.

Chris – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Alopecia
  2. Give It Your Worse
  3. You’re Too Slow
  4. Piece Of My Mind
  5. Sigh