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FarseekFarseek and Complainer released a Split EP on Two Foot Parade records during January. The bands are from the Midwest of the USA and the EP contains two songs from each band.

Complainer open with Honeybee, a raucous yet melodic punk rocker that motors along with big hooks and melodies, brass section breaks and segments of ska infused punk rock.

The second contribution from Complainer is Never and this one continues the momentum with a great brass section riff, pounding drums and a melodic vocal that adds to the anarchic rawness of the song…the band are not afraid to change pace and direction and deliver a super song!

Farseek from Columbus, Ohio offer up Cheated and this one also features strong lead vocals, a solid beat and some powerful, pacey segments that drive along at 250mph with hammering beats, strong lyrics and, a booming bass guitar! The band close this EP with the rollicking Drunk Again with its tumbling forward vocals and runaway licks all solidly supported by a tight rhythm section. Good stuff folks!


Check out this split EP from Farseek and Complainer here: