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FARSEEK – ‘Fear of Missing Out’ Album Review

FARSEEK – Fear Of Missing Out

farseekFarseek released their debut album, Fear of Missing Out, on December 16th. Farseek is a folky emo singer songwriter project from Columbus, Ohio. There is an alt-country sound to the band that reminded a little of John Langford and the Mekons. The opening track, How layers vocals over a country guitar lick with a sorta ‘loose but together’ sound that is both anarchic and controlled at the same time.

Afternoon is a more folky approach channeling Jeffrey Lewis whilst the 30 seconds of Gotta Do Something channeled a different genre in R.E.M.! There are 12 songs on the album and there is no doubt that Farseek are unafraid to experiment with complex lyrics delivered over a variety of tunes. Spooky Mulder is a humorous take on watching TV whilst Being A Cool Guy is another short (one minute and four seconds!) trip into group vocals and country guitar laid over a folksy beat.

School & Rocks plays with a math punk approach that combines bass vocals with higher pitches to layer a sonic landscape that leads into the next track More To Say, a more layered musical approach underpinning a personal set of lyrics.

Many of the songs are sub-two minutes but most sound very different to the others. I Wish We Weren’t So Far From Home is almost XTC in sound and then St. Marks is much more poppy in approach – both songs clock in under that two-minute mark but both are engaging with ‘kitchen sink drama’ personal lyrics.

A Letter stumbles along to an erratic drumbeat and races to a chaotic one minute display before the album closes with Thanks For Saving My House From Burning. The song brackets the opening song nicely with that alt-country sound and group vocals.

If you like your music off-kilter, folky, country but punky, Farseek are for you – check them out here:



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