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FARSEEK – ‘March’ Review

farseekThe latest album from Farseek, the one-man folk-punk act from Ohio, is full of pop hooks and melodies.

Grateful Dead is the first track and it’s 66 seconds of pop driven folk with a stripped down Husker Du type feel. Many of the tracks on the seven track album clock in at a minute or less.

You Didn’t Fuck up the Car is just twenty-three seconds and made me laugh out loud. The entire song is the singing of the following lyrics: “Why did I tell you “you fucked up the car!” I don’t know anything about cars. Sorry I’m fucking dumb. I feel like a dick.”

Track four, Being a Cool Guy continues on the personal politics subject matter and, once again, shows that Farseek have an ear for a good hook. I was beginning to make comparisons with folk punk legend Jeffrey Lewis who has a similar vocal style.

Farseek do have a disarming sense of humor though and this is again in evidence on Vape Joke before closing the album with the longest, and best, song Too Weird. Again, the guitar work is excellent and the lyrics disarming in their honesty.

I enjoyed this album, it was over too quickly especially as all of the guitar hooks were damn good and could have entertained for much longer.

Hear it for yourself right here – https://farseek.bandcamp.com/album/march

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Grateful Dead
  2. Natty Daddy
  3. You Didn’t Fuck Up the Car
  4. Being a Cool Guy
  5. A Letter
  6. [Vape Joke]
  7. Too Weird