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FAST FOOD SOCIETY – ‘Nuking Candyland’ EP Review

FAST FOOD SOCIETY – Nuking Candyland

fast-food-societyFast Food Society hail from Spain and deliver skate-punk and hardcore with aplomb. Their new EP, Nuking Candyland contains six tracks (including a bonus track) and opens with Hijacking Hijab where some ironic words are spoken in newscaster style before the band launch into a three minute power attack emulating Propaghandhi.

It is followed by the excellent L’Abattoir a one-minute tour du force in hard hitting hardcore – loved it. The angry yet melodic Invincible By Default maintains the pressure and energy with some simply unbelievable drumming creating the foundation for some fast riff work and epic vocals…there is even a laid back reggae break!

Last Words is full of menace with a churning riff and some really angry vocals – Fast Food Society are the real deal and lyrically excellent…I REALLY LOVE THIS EP! On Enemies Of Reason the melodic vocals add to the galloping drum-beat and circle-pit inducing vibe.

The bonus track, The Unfortunate Origin opens with a swirling wing, some western guitar and then launches into a country-punk riff and builds into a hoe-down full of fun and frolics adding some humour to the mix!

Nuking Candyland by Fast Food Society is released this month through European based punk rock powerhouses Disconnect Disconnect Records – https://fastfoodsociety.bandcamp.com/