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fast-food-societySpanish punk rockers Fast Food Society released their awesome new 7″ EP ‘Nuking Candyland‘ (PUNK ONLINE REVIEW) on the 21st July through Disconnect Disconnect Records, and have been sharing a series of live videos since. Today they have brought us a video for the excellent ‘Enemies of Reason‘ which will definitely whet the appetite of fans of Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere and RKL.

Hello and welcome to the world of the Fast Food Society. These Spanish skatepunkers are here to blow you away with their awesome brand of fast paced punk rock, reminiscent of the greats like Bad Religion, Propagandhi and RKL.

The band first came to attention with the release of their debut album ‘…After The Worst‘ in 2013 and since then have been playing shows with bands such as Real McKenzies, Antillectual, Estricalla, Col·lapse and Kill the President, honing their sound to create the 5 hard hitting tracks of new 7″ record ‘Nuking Candyland‘. This new releases takes every part of their sound to the next level, taking Fast Food Society from an enthusiastic bunch of punk rockers, to a band with potential to become a serious force in the European punk rock scene. From the Propagandhi-esque political opener of ‘Hijacking Hijab‘ into the hard hitting minute long blast of hardcore in ‘L’Abattoir‘ and the reggae-tinged breakdown of ‘Invicible By Default‘, Fast Food Society show enough variety in their sound to ensure Nuking Candyland sounds fresh whilst retaining the sound of 90’s punk rock the band grew up on and love. This is further evident from the fact that the EP was mixed and mastered at the legendary punk rock studios The Blasting Room (home of Descendents / ALL) in Colorado.

Nuking Candyland is set for release in July through European based punk rock powerhouses Disconnect Disconnect Records, Ring of Fire, 1984, Agonia de Vivir, Trilob, Muerte a Tipo and Eating Shit.