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FATAL CROWBAR INJURY – ‘Still Taste Blood’ EP Review


Fatal Crowbar InjuryFatal Crowbar Injury has just self-released a new EP, Still Taste Blood.  The band states that they are an “…unsigned band based in Suffolk, England, made up of a bunch of middle-aged guys doing it for the love!” (Love that!)

The six-track EP opens with the UK Subs like Nuffin 2 Eet where the song powers along and can honestly say that the vocals are more Charlie Harper than the legend himself!!! Shuffling Towards Armageddon explodes into life with the classic shout of “1,2,3,4…” and is followed by the jazz piss take introduction to Fucking Jazz with the guitar and cymbal/rim-shot drums supporting some spoke word vocals before the track takes off with anguished “I wanna get out” screams – there is a slight Dead Kennedys feel to this song as it veers from the jazz approach to full on punk rock sections.

On Couldn’t Cry The Pain Away, the solo bass intro is joined by a funky guitar (in Rage Against The Machine style) as the vocals take on a spoken/shouted tactic. The track shows the variety of styles that Fatal Crowbar Injury are comfortable with and the EP benefits from this. She’s Going To The USA/Meatwaggon returns to a more straight up punk approach with that UK Subs sound.

The EP closes with Disgrace To Humanity where Fatal Crowbar Injury deliver a ballad to seal the deal. Great effort, full on raw DIY punk rock that is packed with surprises throughout.

You can listen to it at: