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FATSKINS – FEAR CITY – ‘Split EP’ Review

fatskinsfearcityKicking off 2016 with a roar, Arizona’s Fatskins and Chicago’s Fear City release a split EP on January 16th. Fatskins have been cult favourites in the US since the 1990’s and the EP opens with S.F.F.S. a tight, powerful and angry track urging the listener to “not give into them- don’t give in to anybody” – it’s a classic punk track suggesting that these boys have not lost an ounce of vitality over the years. Next up is War of a Nation which already promises to be a 2016 classic. Some excellent guitar work underpins some strong vocals as the rhythm section pounds out a foot stomping, head banging masterpiece.

Fear City open up side B with an Oi! Terrace chant of Our Way of Life that would not be out of place on any album by The Business/4-Skins or The Blitz with the latter bands faster, gutsy guitar being the closest. It’s an anthem in the making. The EP closes with Fear City’s faster paced Class War that would make the Cockney Rejects proud – it’s one minute and 43 seconds of pure punk paradise celebrating the working class and the working man – “It’s not about left and right, it’s about right and fucking wrong” – that’s a lyric to

The Fatskins are a band that are clearly at the top of their game whilst Fear City are a band on the way up there…this EP is a must have and will ship from Rebellion Records/Crowd Control Media in red, black and clear vinyl. Get it!

Stumpy – Punk Online


Track Listing
1. Fatskins – SFFS
2. Fatskins – War of a Nation
3. Fear City – Our Way of Life
4. Fear City – Class War


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