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FAUXCHISELS – ‘At The B.C.R.C.’ Album Review


FauxchiselsDIE DAS DER have announced the details of the first release on their new label.

Recorded live at the Black Country Recording Company (Wolverhampton, UK) in front of a select audience of friends and strangers, Fauxchisels At The B.C.R.C.  captures the energy and attitude of one of the West Midlands’ brightest post-punk trios.

The nine tracks are underpinned with solid bass and drums that create the bedrock for the spiky guitar and spoken/sung vocals that are full of attitude. The opening track is the four-minute plus Mad Max Too with a slow, deliberate beat, fuzz guitar riffs and prominent vocals that create a storytelling extravaganza that is like bottled restrained aggression throughout.

The pacier beat of Thunderbugs meets edgy guitars and booming bass as the vocals channel Mark E Smith and the overall vibe is one of a modern day The Fall as a prominent guitar lick propels the chorus and the entire office could be witnessed dancing in edgy, angular movements (or maybe that’s how we dance!) – this is great stuff! On All Slick, No Grace (superbly clever title that!) a roiling guitar lick is layered over the excellent rhythm section and the riffs add a compelling drive to a song with spoken word vocals in the manner of Art Brut.

I am reminded again of The Fall on Fox-Kill-Rider as the vocals drip with sarcasm and irony and the rhythm section maintains order as the guitar comes in and out adding an almost jazz meets Led Zeppelin vibe with Hospital Pass a strangely restrained slow bass and drum mining the jazz-punk seam building to a grinding crescendo.

Introducing Meat Reducer with “this is for the vegetarians,” Fauxchisels bring a bit of Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics full of ironic humour as the backing track is driven by a short, sharp lick of the guitar with some slower, meatier (ahem) sections! On Do You Got It? the rhythm is eclectic and technical and the music cascades around it with bursts of energy and the penultimate song, Screen Break is the shortest track on the album at two minutes and sixteen seconds maintains the energy and approach.

The album closes with the six-minute plus, Little Red Crawling Things where the pace is upped significantly to open with a chaotic riff and then a slow, slow section interspersed with the manic faster segments. With an elongated grindcore-ish middle, the song explores a free-form jazz like direction all the way through to the end with an appreciative ending cheer and a “Thank You Very Much.”

The band play a free album release show, with special guests, at the Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath, Birmingham on Thursday 30th August and a short UK tour will follow in October.

Get yourself a copy of At The B.C.R.C. by Fauxchisels here:




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