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FELONS – ‘Creeps’ EP Review

FELONS – Creeps

FelonsFelons have just recorded and released their debut EP, Creeps.The band are based in Essex in the UK and the five track EP opens with the title track, Creeps with its raw DIY sound full of anger and power with some relationship to early UK82 style punk in the vein of Chaos UK and Disorder – brought back some memories with the distorted guitars and urgent vocals.

Next up is the seventy-two seconds of Easy Ride with a faster pace, booming bass introduction and an Exploited vibe with some early Steve Ignorant style Crass vocals whereas Unrelate maintains the momentum with a rollicking riff driving the track forward reminding me of Mau Maus circa 1981.

On Too Little, Too Late, the Felons produce an insistent riff, angular drums and nihilistic drawling vocal that combine to produce an energetic raw punk classic that had us from the first guitar chord.

This superb debut ends with Breakdown where the band channel early Epileptics with screamed vocals, pummeling drums and raw guitars producing one almighty pleasing racket with a slower grindcore conclusion adding to the variety.

Loved this one and you can find Creeps by Felons at the following link:- https://felonspunx.bandcamp.com/releases