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FELONS – ‘Violent Society’ EP Review

FELONS – Violent Society

Felons are a band from Essex, UK and we really enjoyed their last EP, Creeps (review here>>>). They have just released a new EP called Violent Society and we like this one too!!! We think you will as well!

The three tracker opens with the superbly raw and energetic Who’s In Debt To Who? – with its Sham 69 chorus, Rabid like sound and punk rock credentials that we love. On the forty-seven seconds of Pacing, the band pack in enough energy to emulate the Abrasive Wheels, Anti-Pasti and The Exploited all updated for 2018!

The EP closes with the title track Violent Society and it is a punk rock doozy with excellent chorus, pummelling bass line, pounding drums and an excellent lead/group vocal. There is a definite UK82 vibe to the band with elements of Disorder and Chaos UK in their sound but all updated to an urgent 2018 sound – loved it!


You can listen to Violent Society EP by Felons here: https://felonspunx.bandcamp.com/album/violent-society