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FIFTEEN YEARS – ‘Welcome to Hell’ Review

FIFTEEN YEARS – Welcome to Hell

fifteen-yearsPlaying 1990’s Epitaph/Fat Wreck records style punk rock, the recently formed Fifteen Years have released their debut EP Welcome to Hell. Based in Bristol, England the band have a skate punk sound that is demonstrated on the opening track, Come On And Die where the heavily distorted bass is backed with some very accomplished drumming with some heavy chords driving the track forwards. The vocal treatment is certainly more West Coast USA than West Coast United Kingdom and that adds to the power of the band.

The six track EP is tight, fast and urgent. Sail Away opens with some military drumming and then power chords it’s way to a terrific hook laden punk rock track with tempo changes galore to keep you interested and moshing!

After the circle pit inducing second track, Surburban Wasteland is sub-two minutes in length and had me in Germs/Fugazi territory as that distorted bass attacks you in the guts. Mary reminded me of Chicago skate-punks, Counterpunch with complex rhythm changes and a sing-along chorus – it gets fast a furious at times.

This is a truly accomplished debut from Fifteen Years and it’s hard to believe that they only formed last year. Rise And Fall showcases a bit of attitude with it’s “pleased to meet you, well, not really” and nihilistic chorus of “we don’t even care at all”…

Last up is Reasons To Believe where a more punk rock approach backs up the lyrics “My 9 to 5 is not my life” is built on with more optimism. I really liked this track and it’s a fitting conclusion to a terrific debut from Fifteen Years.

Get Welcome to Hell here: https://fifteenyearsbristol.bandcamp.com/album/welcome-to-hell


Track Listing

  1. Come On And Die
  2. Sail Away
  3. Suburban Wasteland
  4. Mary
  5. Rise And Fall
  6. Reasons to Believe