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FIGHTING – ‘Saturday Night Is Alright For…’ EP Review

FIGHTING – Saturday Night Is Alright For…

FightingFighting are a four-piece Punk band from Preston in the North West of England. Saturday Night is Alright For… is the band’s 5th EP, and the second as a four-Piece. The EP was recorded in Summer 2017, and represents the band at their most angry, creative and forward-thinking.

Fighting state that their influences include the Gang Of Four, Sleater-Kinney and Pulled Apart By Horses. The six track EP opens with fifty-one seconds of Plata O Plomo (an introduction) spoken word Spanish (translates as “silver or lead” or “take the bribe or I will take your life”) with some ambient guitar sounds and leads into Limon with a vocal commentary on the “mullet” hairstyle backed by an edgy, angular guitar led piece of music.

Bag Of Cans sees a rumbling riff joined by some disco drumbeat with bass and a jittery guitar backing before ending with a chaotic sound and vocal (see video below). On Kowloon, an extended keyboard note gives way to a Joy Division style song with angsty vocals, driving beat and atmospheric guitar work.

The penultimate song, 400m Hurdle opens with a compelling riff and builds to a melodic chorus. The track bounds along with some neat guitar licks and instrument interplay to create a very pleasing overall package.

The EP closes with Lump where the pace is fast, energy electric and the vocals more up front in a Mark E. Smith type of way. Fighting are clever and meld some of the best post-punk bands of the 1980s to create an up-to-date sound for 2017.

You can grab a listen of Saturday Night Is Alright For… here:  https://fighting.bandcamp.com/album/saturday-night-is-alright-for or here https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/saturday-night-is-alright-for-ep/id1290661133