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FILTHY MILITIA – ‘Innocent Until Proven Filthy’ EP Review

FILTHY MILITIA – Innocent Until Proven Filthy

Filthy MilitiaSka punk band, Filthy Militia, have just announced their debut EP, Innocent Until Proven Filthy that will be released in early February 2018. The four tracks open with some brass instruments that breaks into a ska-punk rhythm and melodic vocal. We are a bit partial to the ska-punk genre here at Punk Online and Up In Smoke does not disappoint with melodic vocals, great beat and powerful ’punch the air vocals’ with some female backing vocals adding to the overall ambience.

On Storm Warning, Filthy Militia continue the momentum with the fast reggae beat supporting a strong vocal and super brass section. There will be some comparisons with Manchester’s Sonic Boom Six although Filthy Militia are more accessible, personal with their politics and lead vocals male not female.

The third of the four tracks, Be Real, begins with a mellow and plaintive guitar that leads into a horn driven reggae beat at a slower pace than the prior tracks. The vocal is melodic and well delivered as this track has been on repeat since it hit the office this week. We polished off the Doc Marten’s and stomped around for the full four minutes of the excellent track.

The EP ends with the four and a half minutes of Little Sister with its doff of the cap to early Jamaican ska – this one demands to be played on the back of a truck at the Notting Hill festival with heavy bass – it is full of melody, prominent bass and a great danceable rhythm. We loved this one and we think you will too.

Get yourself a copy of Innocent Until Proven Filthy by Filthy Militia here: https://filthymilitia.bandcamp.com/album/innocent-until-proven-filthy