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FINAL ASSAULT – ‘The Corpses’ Review


There’s something about record sleeves in the style of all Crass label releases of the 80’s that makes you think ‘this had better be good‘. Fear not, Final Assault have nailed it in a no uncompromising manner.

This four track E.P. is ear bleeding good and clocking in at just over six minutes in total it leaves you wanting to hear a lot more. Hailing from Detroit, Final Assault go headlong into a political agenda just like their British counterparts who used to don the Crass label thirty odd years ago.

Up first is ‘Human Condition’, a brutal attack on the horrors of war (accompanied by a harrowing video – see below).

“Since the dawn of man we’re programmed for war, there’s no turning back we only want more, War, human condition….”

‘Corpses Say Nothing’ is another heavy, in your face assault, reminiscent of Rudimentary Peni at their finest. The vocals scowl at you over fast, feedback induced guitars and drums at lighting speed. This is good old fashioned anarcho punk.

The short E.P. concludes with ‘Empire Falling’ and ‘Reality Nightmare’. If anybody has picked up the new Discharge album, ‘End of Days’, you will emphasise with Final Assault. Short, fast, heavy tracks, politically infused lyrics and a pace that leaves you short of breath.

‘The Corpses’ is amazingly available for free on bandcamp – for fans of Rudimentary Peni, Amebix and Discharge, you’ll definitely love this. Give it a listen


Gaz – Punk Online


Track Listing

  1. Human Condition
  2. Corpses Say Nothing
  3. Empire Falling
  4. Reality Nightmare



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