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Finnish punk rockers REVOLTONE release debut single ‘It Hurts’

Finnish punk rockers REVOLTONE release debut single ‘It Hurts’

RevoltoneRevoltone have shared their new single with us and describe what it’s all about in their own words.


‘It Hurts’ is a song about bullying, racism and discrimination. It’s a serious and very important issue that should come to an end. It ruins peoples lives, makes the victims go over the edge and many times leaves scars too deep to heal, that might lead to terrible actions. ‘It Hurts’, more ways than we can even imagine. It shouldn’t happen, Anywhere, in any shape or form.

Revoltone is the lovechild of everything we are, feel, hear, see, digest and defecate.

This band is our honest way to deal with anger, disbelief, sickness, love, happiness and most of all hope for the better. With and for everyone who needs strength and energy from great punk rock-tones. All of us have a colourful history with music and different bands. We have tons of experience with playing sweaty gigs, raw tours and recording songs for various albums. All this has driven us to give birth to the message and the sound of Revoltone.

We Revolt against everything messed up! Our Tone is loud, catchy and melodic. The sound and attitude we want to hear in often too disharmonic world.


Revoltone – the band loud enough for the silent voices.