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Fit To Work – CD​-​ROM #7: “Dealing with anger in the workplace”

Fit To Work – CD​-​ROM #7: “Dealing with anger in the workplace”

Fit to WorkFit to Work self describe as a “quasi-autonomous, non-governmental punk act based in Glasgow.”

Their recently released debut EP CD​-​ROM #7: “Dealing with anger in the workplace” deals with anger in the workplace as well as covering a range of often-political themes, with songs varying in tone from deadly serious to seriously silly. The six-track EP opens up with You deserve Better and it is a punch to the solar plexus with hardcore/grindcore vocals layered over some depth charge guitars and drums. The song veers into different directions but is held together with some seriously neck damaging guitars and rhythms.

Only The Reanimated Corpse Of Emma Goldman Can… is a candidate for song title of the year as the band drive their hardcore noise fully into your skull. The third track Tell Your Doctor If adds some whining vocals over some towering music in an Art Brut type of approach.

On A.S.B.O.A.R. Fit To Work go full on screamed vocals over pounding drums before the voice becomes more spoken and the package takes on a Future Of The Left sound albeit much heavier. The penultimate song, Autism Murder Memorial is just heavy with a pounding bass guitar and a Killing Joke guitar sound – loved this track!

The band close this very pleasing debut with The Ascension Of IDS and there is no let up whatsoever in pace, fury and power…in fact, this track just rocks. Fit To Work are aggressive in sound but there is a humorous side detectable throughout this excellent debut.

Check out the band and the EP CD​-​ROM #7: “Dealing with anger in the workplace” here: https://fittowork.bandcamp.com/releases