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FIT TO WORK – ‘Voluntary Severance’ EP Review

FIT TO WORK – Voluntary Severance

Fit To WorkFit To Work describe themselves as a “Quasi-autonomous non-governmental punk music. Bred in Orkney, based in Glasgow.” The Scottish punksters have just released their sophomore EP, Voluntary Severance

The opening barnstormer, We Will Kill Again, is full of rage, screamed vocals, pounding drums, fast riffs and a hardcore punk approach that combines Black Flag with the Idles and the chunky chorus is simply brilliant! The intriguingly titled All Cats Are Beautiful juxtaposes an anti-police rage with the repeated title all on top of a hardcore punk backing…wow!!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Become Men’s Rights Activists lays the band’s political affiliations on the line and we are with them all the way attacking false equivalents of weak and scared men and the growled vocals add to the urgency supplied by the 150mph musical backing!

On Admit It, Fit To Work continue the momentum with some searing riffs, machine gun drums and desperate vocal interplays and the EP closes with the excellently titled, Your Ontology Is Fucking Basic (made us smile). With a tribal drum roll introduction and some dirty bass licks, the song builds to a level of tension, clever lyrics intermingling with a variety of vocal deliveries and some sheer breathless pace and power…phew!!

This is good stuff and you can get Voluntary Severance by Fit To Work here: https://fittowork.bandcamp.com/